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Parag Kapadia
Assistant Controller
Binaifer Chichgar
Manager of Preconstruction
Support Services
Yazdi Chichgar
Project Manager
Parag Kapadia, Assistant
Controller for Kanta Electric,
represents the next generation
in the electrical contracting
industry. A graduate of
Boston University, and with
professional certifications
fromNYU’s Construction
Management program, Kapadia
oversees many aspects of Kanta
Electric’s operations, taking a
hands-on approach to leading
the firmboth in-the-field
and through the company’s
headquarters. Kapadia
brings a unique combination
of skills and a deep level of
dedication and commitment
to the Kanta Electric every
day. His continuous hard work
and high-degree of quality in
everything that he does have
earned both Kapadia and Kanta
Electric the unprecedented
reputation the firm continues
to carry to this day.
For over seven years,
Binaifer Chichgar has helped
Kanta Electric in many
capacities. Chichgar started
out in Kanta’s Accounting
Department where she
managed several aspects
of the firm’s accounting
operations. She was recently
promoted to the firm’s
Preconstruction Support
Services Department as
Preconstruction Support
Manager. In this new role,
Chichgar manages and
oversees every element of
the preconstruction process.
Her leadership, diverse skill
set and experience in each of
Kanta’s different companies
gives Chichgar a unique
perspective and insight
into how projects get done
Yazdi Chichgar offers
a wealth of valuable
experience and leadership
as a Project Manager for
Kanta Electric. Chichgar’s
global managerial expertise
gives Kanta’s projects a
depth and breadth of
high-level sophistication that
is synonymous with this
top-tier electrical
contracting firm.
In addition, Chichgar’s
dedication to honing his
leadership skills earned
him a certification from
Dale Carnegie’s Leadership
Training Program. Chichgar
will continue to grow along
with Kanta Electric into the
next generation of electrical
contracting in New York.
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