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Electrical Professionals
Who Understand Construction
Kanta Electric offers a range of services that encompass all
phases of project delivery, including new core and shell
construction to renovations, tenant fit-outs and innovative
and state-of-the art energy efficient installations.
Kanta has completed many complete, out-of-the
ground new construction projects. In addition, our
interior installation work continues to receive praise
throughout the industry.
The firm provides extensive support at the start of an
assignment, providing value engineering and suggestions
to improve each assignment during each phase of a
project, with special focus on pre-construction. Kanta
also provides preventative maintenance services for a
project once completed. In addition, Kanta’s highly-skilled
team of project managers are committed to providing
timely, efficient, collaborative service with a dedication
to sustaining daily business operations when electrical
installations occur in occupancy situations.
Kanta’s service teams include highly -trained union
electricians, all of whom have a minimum of seven years
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