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Paras Kapadia
Project Manager
A dedicated electrical industry
professional and avid learner,
Paras Kapadia has worked
his entire career as a Project
Manager in the electrical
contracting industry. A
graduate of George Washington
University, Kapadia has spent
the past several years on Kanta
Electric’s front-lines, bringing
Kanta’s signature eye for detail
and high-level of project quality
to each and every Kanta Electric
project. Kapadia has personally
overseen many of Kanta’s
signature projects, including the
Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the
Brooklyn Army. He is currently
working directly on a Kanta
project for the Department
of Citywide Administrative
Services. Kapadia, along with
his brother, Parag, represent the
next generation of leadership
for Kanta Electric.
Vijay Dalal
For over 18 years, Vijay Dalal
has played an integral role
with Kanta Electric as the
firm’s Controller. Dalal, who
literally started out working at
the basement level, has seen
Kanta grow tremendously
during his years with the firm,
a result he attributes to Kanta’s
consistent, unwavering
commitment to providing
high-quality work and high-
value to its clients.
Under Dalal’s leadership Kanta
has grown to utilize the most
sophisticated accounting and
record-keeping software on
the planet. Like every aspect
of the firm’s operations,
attention to detail, efficiency
and client satisfaction are
reflected in each of Dalal’s
Mark Olson
Project Engineer
As one of Kanta Electric’s highly-
skilled Project Engineers, Mark
Olson brings a high-degree of
sophistication and an acute
ability to engineer and estimate
projects accurately, efficiently
and cost-effectively.
An expert in Electrical
Engineering, and having spent
his entire career in the industry,
Olson’s day to day work reflects
Kanta’s trademark quality,
craftsmanship and value –
characteristics that have helped
Kanta, like Olson, distinguish the
firm as one of the best electrical
contractors in New York. Olson’s
high-standards, coupled with
Kanta’s cutting-edge technology,
give the firm a competitive edge
in low cost, high value electrical
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