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Vincent Favaloro
Vincent Favaloro, Kanta
Electric’s Superintendent, is
no stranger to building in
New York. Having worked
on Ground Zero managing
a team of over 800 workers
for two-and-a-half years after
9-11, Favaloro brings strength,
leadership and experience
to the Kanta Electric team
every day. For over ten years,
Favaloro has worked directly
on every Kanta Electric project,
bringing a high-degree of
skill and a superior level of
craftsmanship that have
become synonymous with
the Kanta Electric name. His
commitment and dedication
have helped distinguish Kanta
as one of New York’s premier
electrical contractors.
Prakash Kapadia
Founder and President
Prakash (PK) Kapadia is Founder and President of Kanta Electric.
For over 22 years, Kapadia has provided the leadership, vision and
determination that has propelled Kanta to the forefront of New York’s
electrical contracting industry.
Kapadia’s steady focus, work ethic and admirable character have
helped shaped the culture of Kanta. Since the company’s inception,
Kanta has been consistently recognized for its outstanding customer
service, high quality work and extraordinary value for clients in the
public and private sectors. Kanta’s many success can be directly
attributed to the leadership and temperament of the company’s
visionary Founder and President – Kapadia.
As Kanta Electric continues to grow and solidify its legacy as one
of New York’s best electrical contractors, it will be the momentum
created by Kapadia that continues to bring the company into the next
generation of electrical contractors.
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