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Kanta Electric is one of New York’s leading
electrical contractors. Founded in 1991 by
Prakash Kapadia (PK), the firm is a New York State
and City certified Minority Business Enterprise
(MBE), a New York State certified Disadvantaged
Business Enterprise (DBE) and a proud member
of Local 3 IBEW.
The name Kanta Electric has become
synonymous with integrity and innovation and
has a long and proven track record of working for
many of New York’s leading public agencies and
private institutions.
Kanta’s diverse portfolio highlights successful
projects across multiple market sectors,
Commercial Office Buildings
High Rise Residential Buildings
Hospitals And Health Facilities
Cultural And Educational Institutions
Environmental Facilities
Alternative Energy Installations
Aviation & Airport Facilities
Kanta offers a broad range of electrical and power
services from core and shell construction and
complex power installations to sophisticated
wiring installations for multi-floor fit-outs and
complex life safety control installations.
The firm includes a team of professional
engineers and project managers who understand
the electrical and construction industries and
bring their expertise to each project.
The firm focuses on quality workmanship, on-
time project completion and strict attention to
safety standards to help them ensure 100% client
satisfaction. Kanta continues to take the lead in
innovative sustainability solutions. Its installation
of the very first wind and solar farm in NewYork
City at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is a testament to the
firm’s forward thinking approach that distinguishes
it within its industry.
Kanta Electric is
a leader in electrical
contracting, providing
state-of-the-art power
and electric solutions
that are meeting the
needs of NewYork’s
leading public
and private
sector clients.
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