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By Prakash Kapadia, Kanta Electric Corporation
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Super Storm Sandy changed how electrical systems in New York City need to be built. The storm put us to the test and cut power for thousands of resi¬dents throughout New York and beyond. The city is still recovering from much of the damage caused by Super Storm Sandy, and Kanta Electric can help us prepare for the future.

The Right Team for the Job

Kanta Electric and its highly skilled team of electrical profession¬als are here to help you after Super Storm Sandy. Our team pro¬vides the skills; expertise and resources to get your building back to par as quickly as possible.

While it’s always difficult to prepare for something as unprece¬dented as Sandy, Kanta Electric is committed to providing insights and recommendations for basic best practices that will help build¬ing owners prepare for whatever the future brings.

How do you Prepare for the Unexpected?

Since our company’s inception over 20 years ago, Kanta has en¬couraged owners to take steps to prepare for any scenario that might occur. Now, at a time when the weather around the world is becoming more and more extreme, our values and recommenda¬tions remain the same, but they are proving more important than ever before.

For any owner or building executive, a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan is a critical first step in electrical preparedness. A preventative maintenance plan can be as simple as an annual checkup of your systems to complete electrical system tests.

Regardless of your preventative maintenance needs, it is important to develop a custom plan that will test and prepare your electrical systems for whatever the future may hold.

A robust preventative maintenance plan is not only a great way to prepare for severe electrical and weather scenarios; it’s also a far more cost-effective and efficient means of securing your electrical system than trying to completely replace it. It’s also a more reason¬able and logical option than entirely reconfiguring your existing electrical system.

Whether you’re building a new building or maintaining an exist¬ing one, a smart preventative maintenance plan is a fundamental building block in modern electrical preparedness. By analyzing and taking the necessary precautions to protect your existing electrical infrastructure, you’re making the first step in preparing for the events that will unexpectedly put them to the test, with or without your permission.

Support Generators Help you Protect for the Unexpected

When Super Storm Sandy left much of lower Manhattan in dark¬ness, a new reality set in. Among the blanket power outages and eerie street corners were glowing beacons of hope: buildings with power generators. While power generators used to seem like costly alternatives, many building owners, particularly residential building owners, now consider them a necessary resource. There exist many different power generators of various shapes, sizes and capabilities.

The key for owners is finding the right fit at the right price. But most importantly, a power generator must be capable of carrying your building’s load, it must be maintained and, as learned from Sandy, it must be stored in the right place. In contemporary New York building, many savvy owners are turning power generators for their modern facility designs. But planning for back-up power is no easy task, and the significant in¬vestment required makes it indispensable that owners understand the central decision in a backup generator project.

For all of the above, Kanta can help.

It’s Time to Have a Plan

Whether you’re weighing the pros and cons of a maintenance plan, a power generator, or anything else, one thing is for sure: an emergency response plan is critical. Facilities managers need to be trained, equipped and prepared for any emergency situation, including ones similar to Super Storm Sandy.

Kanta Electric is a trusted partner in helping building owners de¬termine the best electrical emergency plans for their offices and/or residential buildings. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of electrical professionals provides objective, affordable solutions for your electrical emergency systems.

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